Canvas Printings

An acid-free, matte finish, artist stretch canvas designed for long-term, fade resistant fine art or photo reproductions. The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specifically designed coating which delivers superior color gamut and resolution. Caliper: 17 mil For best image quality your file should be between 75-100 dpi at the the final output size.

Canvas Print Decorating Tips

If you’re looking for an easy and creative way to spruce up a room in your home or office, consider decorating with a canvas print of your favorite photo, painting, or other art piece. They’re easy to create, cheap to order, and they’re becoming an increasingly popular way to enhance your existing décor. When choosing how to decorate with your canvas art print, there are a number of aesthetic choices you can make depending on the situation. The following tips and suggestions will help you make the most decorating sense out of your canvas print, while allowing you to get maximum enjoyment out of this unique printing option.

Your Canvas Print Considerations

1. Use a canvas print to complement the theme of the room. Before choosing your canvas print, first consider the overall mood or theme of the room: what its purpose is, how it will be used, how many people it can comfortably fit, etc. Finding the ideal photo or image to print on canvas can be a challenge if you don’t already have something in mind, but honing in on the mood you want to set for your room can be a big help.

2. Landscapes: print photos on canvas to open up a small space. Who doesn’t love photos with vibrant sunsets, open valleys, and majestic landscapes? Consider a landscape canvas photo print to “open up” a smaller space. Canvas prints act as sort of a window against a blank wall, and an “outside” view of a distant horizon can instantly give a cramped room a more open and comfortable feel.

3. Choose a colorful canvas print for a kid’s room. Bright, vibrant colors add excitement and activity to a room, making them perfect for a young child’s bedroom or play area. Print photos on canvas that are colorful and vivid, or choose a fun caricature or similar art piece to print on canvas and display it low on the wall so that it’s at optimal viewing height for a child.

4. Go neutral for a calmer feel. On the opposite end of the spectrum, choose neutral or cool colors for a calmer, sleeker look and feel. These less intense canvas print colors will naturally bring a more calming and soothing feel to the room, making this the perfect option for a relaxing space in your home or a retreat area in the workplace.

5. Consider wall size when choosing your canvas print sizing.

Wall size is an often overlooked aspect when readying your art or photo for canvas printing. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a canvas print that’s proportionally too large or small for your wall. Incorrect sizing can make a room feel out of proportion, creating a strange feel for yourself or your guests. A good rule of thumb is to choose smaller canvas art prints for narrow walls, and bigger prints for larger spaces. If you’re not sure about what size to order for your print, do some experimenting before you commit. You can always tape blank paper in various sizes to your wall, in order to get a better idea of what sizes will look good in certain areas. You can also use painter’s tape to represent the outside boundaries of your canvas print. Experiment with the sizing until you find the best fit, and the tape is easy to remove without damaging your walls.

Consider a Canvas Art Print for Business

An art print on canvas is a great addition to your office décor. A raised canvas print can add a gallery-like feel to the room, adding a classy or refined feel to the space. Art galleries are generally known for being in tune with the latest interior decorating trends and styles, and you can take advantage of this connotation by bringing a similar (but more subtle and professional) look and feel to your work space or office building.

Simple Decorating Tips can Make all the Difference in Utilizing Canvas Prints

The artist’s canvas prints at Your Custom Poster are printed on an acid-free stretch canvas. Prints are designed for long-term fine art or photo reproductions, and are fade resistant with a matte finish. The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specially-designed coating which brings the best range and quality of colors to your finished print.

You can print photos on canvas for an easy way to add a unique feel to your home or office, or use a canvas art print to give your room an artsy, gallery-like feel. Whatever your choice, use the tips and suggestions mentioned above, and you (and your audience) will love the look and feel your canvas print brings to your decorating space.