Fabric Banner Printings

Our fabric is a mid-weight one hundred percent cotton fabric. It shows a standard weave pattern that adds just a touch of classic texture to our printed displays. It is thirteen mils in thickness and weighs in at 205 g/m². This fabric is bright white and can be used to produce signage that is non glare while looking like fine linene. This material is perfect for many different applications that includes table skirts, Point of Purchase displays, store signs, and backdrops.For best image quality your file should be between 75-100 dpi at the the final output size.

Choose a Fabric Banner for Timeless Business Advertising

When perusing your fabric banner material options on Your Custom Poster, you’re likely to notice the prevalence of vinyl material options over simple cotton fabric. While vinyl is an excellent material choice for your banners, many business owners, marketers, and customer audiences will find that fabric banners, as opposed to vinyl, offer a softer and more timeless quality that is immensely effective in advertising in its own way.

Make no mistake, though—a fabric banner will get your audience’s attention and will get your message across just as well as a vinyl banner will. There simply are some subtle differences between these two types of materials that can make a difference in the overall look and feel of your banner.

Why a Fabric Banner?

Vinyl banners are an excellent choice for their versatility, durability, and the “pop” of glossy and vibrant color that can’t always be achieved with fabric banners. Fabric banner printing, however, has its own advantages, and many businesses owners may find that a fabric format is more suitable for certain marketing needs. In order to decide whether a vinyl or cotton fabric banner is a better choice for your fabric banner printing needs, let’s first talk about banner advertising in general, and what you should consider when choosing a material.

Banners are a versatile advertising tool, and they can be used in many situations. Great for indoor or outdoor use, banners are large format printing pieces that work well to promote events, advertise your business, and draw attention to your point of purchase (or another area of interest). A fabric banner, in particular, will make a perfect store sign, table skirt, draped display, and backdrop. That’s partly because the cotton fabric is bright white and does not glare. Colors stand out on the cotton fabric, but without that glossy sheen that often comes with vinyl. Its standard weave pattern creates the look of fine linen, giving it a hint of texture and a soft, classic, and elegant look. Also, more so than vinyl banners, fabric banners drape easily and move gracefully. Extra movement will better catch your audience’s attention, but our fabric banner printing is made to last, ensuring a long life no matter the setting.

Fabric Banners are a Green Alternative

In terms of advertising, fabric banners have a long life, and they’ll often stay attractive for longer than their vinyl counterparts. If you’re thinking longer-term than that, though, a fabric banner is a better choice for environment-conscious businesses. When it’s time to retire your banner for good, a fabric one will break down much more quickly than a vinyl banner when it’s sitting in a landfill. This can be an excellent way for businesses to promote and perpetuate a “greener” alternative in advertising.

Cheap Fabric Banner Printing

Fabric banners can add a feel of refinement to your advertising, but you don’t have to spend big bucks to get the look. At just $6 per square foot and a two day turnaround for fabric banners at Your Custom Poster, no matter how large your fabric banner is, getting it printed is easy and affordable. For the best image quality, your final design output should be between 75 and 100 dpi. Banners are meant to be larger than life, and we understand that impeccable image quality is key. We offer the high quality your business needs at an affordable cost. Additionally, our focus in on making the ordering process fast and easy, so that we can get your banner printed and on its way to your business in a timely manner. Stop paying more than you need to for posters and banners, and instead choose Your Custom Poster for all your cheap fabric banner printing needs.

Fabric Banners: Sometimes Less is More

While they may not necessarily be the number one choice in every situation, large format fabric banner printing can bring your business’s advertising to the next level. And while doing so, they remain a timeless and effective medium for a variety of situations, settings, and audiences. Many business owners and marketers may be quick to choose vinyl materials for their banner needs, but there is certainly something to be said about the elegance and ease of a cotton fabric banner. They bring a certain softness to your banner advertising that you just can’t get with vinyl banners, and sometimes that subtle, elegant look is more effective in advertising than what a vinyl banner brings to the table. It all comes down to your banner’s purposes and the look and feel you’re going for, so take some time when ordering to consider whether a vinyl or fabric banner is the right choice for your project.

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