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The Leading Promotional Mugs Suppliers, is the new online division of Framing House, a name you can trust. Framing House is one of the largest suppliers of business promotional gifts and corporate merchandise in delhi, India. With a client base that boasts some of the best known and toughest negotiators in the business world, including several Fortune 100 companies, you can rest assured that when you buy from you're in great company.

Printing Studio specializes in multi-color and 4-color process printing. We are America's leading decorator of Custom printed ceramic coffee mugs, shot glasses, tiles, and ceramic plates. Our turnaround time is the fastest because we make, decorate, and ship our orders here in the delhi, India

Personalize, advertise and promote with our products. Printmug offers custom printed coffee cups, personalized and decorated mugs in different styles, colors and sizes! We have the best variety and quality at the lowest prices in the market! Some of our products are:
Aluminium Sports Bottles
Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Sports & Drinks Bottles
Travel Mugs
Travel Tumblers
Vacuum Bottles


Printing Studio has a wide range of printed mugs for you to purchase for your business. The promotional mugs are an easy way to advertise your business anywhere you go. The mugs are great for employee gifts as well, and your employees will be promoting your business every time they take their mug out of the office. Not to mention, mugs are practical gifts because many people drink coffee or hot tea.

When you hear the word mug, you probably think of a standard coffee mug. Printing Studio does offer standard coffee promotional mugs, but they offer many more types than just that one kind. Plastic water bottles, accent mugs and travel mugs are other options available to you. Every company has different needs and likes, so pick the styles – or mixture of styles – that fit your clientele or employees the best.

Water bottles would be a great gift to give out if your company does an annual picnic, golf outing, charity event or job fair. The people who receive the water bottles like to use them to hold water, tea, lemonade or other beverages that need to stay cool. You will often see people using them on hikes, at the gym or while taking a jog around town. Once again, the promotional mugs are easy and inexpensive ways to get the name of your business out there.

The accent printed mugs are similar to the standard coffee mugs, but a bit more stylish and are made from ceramic with a color band located across the bottom of the mug that matches the message or logo you place on the printed mugs. Since the printed mugs are made from durable ceramic, they are an eco-friendly mug option and will last a very long time.

The standard Marrow promotional mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. You will not have to worry about your logo or message rubbing off of these printed mugs. The imprint area is large enough to place a decal and a message or the name of your business on it. These are a great pick if you really want your name and logo to stand out on the pure white background of the mug. These can be purchased in bulk of 36 printed mugs per carton.

All of the promotional mugs at can be ordered in a variety of colors. Even though they may not be available for every mug type, here are some of the color choices the company offers: white, black, ocean blue, orange, yellow, translucent (for the water bottles), translucent pink, translucent purple, lime green and silver. The colors of the logo and print may be ordered in a variety of colors as well.

The branded mugs are packed and shipped as safely as possible. There is a return policy for damaged or broken mugs, as things do happen in the mail sometimes. They have a guarantee delivery service agreement that makes the process of ordering products even more enjoyable. The company tries its hardest to please each and every customer buy offering excellent service and quality products.

The prices are the icing on the cake. Unlike other companies that make you purchase more than you can use, you are able to purchase your promo mugs for Print Studio in low, affordable quantities. However, events and companies that require an order over 1,000 mugs can be completed with ease as well. Plus, if you do not see the promotional mugs styles that you like, you can simply contact the and the friendly staff will find it for you. As said previously, our number one concern is customer satisfaction.

We turn your promotional visions into reality! With our Price Match Plus Promise guarantee, Guaranteed Delivery Service and massive selection of promotional products you can rest assured that your imprinted corporate business gifts will always be done at the right price and the right way.

Printing Studio sells blank mugs that you personalize at wholesale mug prices. We order our blank mugs in extremely large quantities direct from the manufacturer. By consolidating our client base we negotiate the best possible price on all our mugs that we pass on to all our buyers. Mugs with your custom imprint are a great promotional item which you can use to increase awareness, drive sales and create good will among clients, friends and partners. Printing Studio will deliver the Custom Mugs of your choice direct to your doorstep, perfectly packaged and complete, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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