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Custom Printed Folder – No Minimums!


  • We can print only one, or as many as you’d like – buy only what you need!
  • Cost as low as Rs 150/-
  • Quick turnaround

Order Specs
  • 9″x12″ presentation folder without bleed
  • To give appearance of full bleed, required printer margins will be trimmed off, resulting in a finished size of approx 8.75″ x 11.75″
  • Choose from 0, 1 or 2 pockets, with or without a business card slit
  • Printed on 10 Pt. Cast Coat that is coated on the outside of the folder
  • Printing on outside of folder only – no printing available on the pockets Printing on outside of folder only – no printing available on the pockets
  • If you would like a template to help you in designing your folder email us and we will send you one of the following formats: PDF / Word / Publisher / Illustrator / InDesign

Using a Custom Printed Folder can Boost your Career

You probably remember using pocket folders to carry around your homework in grade school, but now you’re ready to graduate to a custom printed folder to boost your career. How? Just take a look at some of these uses for simple pocket folders in business, and you’ll learn why using custom printed folders over those boring pocket folders from the school supply section is a bold business move.

Use a Custom Printed Folder for your Portfolio

A custom printed folder is an easy solution for designers, illustrators, contractors, and anyone with a portfolio of work that they’re ready to show off to potential clients. It’s never a good idea to carry portfolio pieces loose, but using a generic pocket folder to hold your work looks just as unprofessional. Ideally, you should purchase a fine, high-quality binder in which to store your portfolio pieces, but a custom folder with your logo and an eye-catching design will do in a pinch, and it’s certainly better than using generic, one-color pocket or manilla folders or flimsy three-ring binders.

Custom Printed Folders for Information Packets

If you’re a marketer or a small business owner, you’ve likely had to assemble some informational and advertising materials for your business. When you have a number of different but related materials that should all be distributed to potential customers at once, a custom printed folder is a great way to assemble all your relevant business materials into one convenient information package for customers. You can hand these out to interested passersby at trade shows and expos, and bring them with you to meetings with new clients.

A Custom Printed Folder will Make your Business Presentation Stand Out

Custom printed folders help you stand out among current and potential clients, but they can also work to show your level of dedication and professionalism among your superiors and co-workers. Distributing copies of pertinent information is often a part of work-related presentations, so make an effort to stand out by using a custom printed folder for your presentation. A winning presentation is always the priority, but a custom printed folder that’s emblazoned with your company’s logo and related imagery, for example, is an excellent addition that will show the people who matter that you’re willing to take the extra time to go above and beyond.

Find the Right Printer for your Custom Printed Folder

Whether you have your design ready or not, it’s never a bad time to start researching the digital printing company you’d like to utilize when you’re ready to print your custom presentation folder. Online printers such as My Color Copies offer an incredible amount of customization for both your order and your folder design. Your custom printed folder may have zero (0), one (1), or two (2) pockets, and you may choose to design your folder with or without slits for your business card. Most custom folder printing allows for printing on the outside of the folder, but My Color Copies can easily print the inside of the folder as well, if you need it. We are also happy to email you a template if you need help designing your folder.

In regards to your order, your printing company of choice should offer competitive pricing and easy shipping. The best printers will also work with you on your minimum quantity, since many small businesses or individual workers and freelancers may not need massive printing quantities. My Color Copies is one of the few printers that welcomes smaller quantities on a custom printed folder order, and we offer a number of additional printing services that can help with your business’s or your self-marketing at affordable prices.

Customer service is always a priority at many digital printing businesses, but quality is also key. My Color Copies provides a level of quality that is completely on par with our exceptional customer service and low pricing. It’s important to use a printer that provides high-quality, professional service to help you stand out in your business or career, whether you’re printing a customer printed folder or any other business-related materials.

Using a Custom Printed Folder is the Smart, Effective, and Easy Choice

Folders aren’t just for kids in school, but if you’re using a plain, non-custom printed folder as the cover for your portfolio, business information packet, or work presentation, you may as well send yourself back to school for a lesson in marketing. For all the aforementioned situations, your folder serves as the “book jacket.” It’s the first thing your audience will see in regards to what’s inside, and they will judge your book by its cover. Choosing a custom printed folder is the smart, easy, and effective way to set yourself apart and above, and to impress your audience in the very first glance. Custom printed folder.


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