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Custom Printed Wall Murals

Now you can take your favorite photograph – a place you visited, a scene, a painting or your own design and have it printed as a giant mural to cover a wall. With our wet strength, nylon reinforced Wall Mural material, we can custom print wallpaper from your image or design to create truly dramatic murals in your business or home! Your company lobby can have a unique ceiling-to-floor mural of your company product. A home can have custom wallpaper of your favorite art or photographs.

Using a Wall Mural to Decorate your Space

A wall mural is a beautiful and creative way to decorate a blank wall in your home or office. Many people might be quick to think wall murals are too large or domineering for their interior home or office decor, but with some creative and interesting suggestions, you can learn how a custom wall mural can completely transform your interior space. Whether you want to decorate with a large painting or other art piece you admire, a photo wall mural from your favorite location or memory, or a custom mural of your own design, Your Custom Poster can help you choose a custom printed wall mural that will enliven your living space and serve as an excellent conversation starter for anyone who passes through your home or office.

In order to consider the wall mural that’s best suited for your blank space, whether it’s in a communal area such as a living room or an office lobby, or in a more private area such as a bedroom or personal office space. You should also learn about your custom wall mural printing considerations, as not all printing companies are suited for this kind of large-scale work. Here, we’ll talk about how to choose the best photo wall murals for your project, while getting the most out of your time and money by choosing Your Custom Poster for your wall mural printing needs.

Custom Wall Mural for your Home

Photo wall murals are a unique interior decorating choice that will really make a statement in your home. If you’re someone who enjoys a creative, modern look for your home, decorate a large wall in your living or family room with a wall mural to really bring a dramatic yet elegant flair to the space. Or, for a personal retreat, you can decorate a bedroom or study with a peaceful scene or landscape that sets the mood you want for your room.

Colorful Wall Mural for a Child’s Room

Wall murals can be an excellent way to brighten up a child’s bedroom or play area. Choose a custom wall mural design that’s bright, colorful, and busy, and that stretches from wall to ceiling. The shapes, designs, and colors will stimulate your child’s imagination and add some fun and whimsy to the room.

Photo Wall Mural for a Studio

For photographers and other creative professionals, a photo wall mural is an incredibly effective way to both decorate your studio space and show off your skills. A large, custom mural of your best photograph, design piece, or artwork can make for a stunning decorating statement that will get your clients talking about your work.

Custom Wall Murals for your Office

A wall mural is an excellent way to distinguish a business from its competitors, and to make a strong and lasting impression with customers and clients. Businesses that are primarily sales-oriented can have a dramatic floor-to-ceiling mural that displays their best or most popular product. Or, a business that is service-oriented can have an impressive custom wall mural depicting a realistic or abstract scene that will appeal to its target audience. It’s a great way to make an impression and show off your sophisticated and unique design sense.

Decorate your Office or Small Apartment with a Wall Mural

A wall mural is the perfect accent for an office or small apartment. Wall murals can add depth to a room, making it appear larger. It can also negate the need for putting furniture against a wall, which will also give you more room to navigate. Your photo wall mural can be as small or as large as you need it to be in order to cover the desired amount of wall space.

Choose Your Custom Poster for a Strong, Long-Lasting Wall Mural

You have many choices to consider for your custom wall mural, but fortunately, your next decision is an easy one. Once you’ve decided what kind of wall mural you’d like to decorate your home or office with, you must choose a reliable printer with the skills and experience required for custom and photo wall mural printing. You’re smart to do your research, but you should start with Your Custom Poster. We help you take your favorite photograph–whether it’s of a place you visited, a landscape you captured, an art piece that struck you, or a design of your own creation–and have it printed as a large, dramatic, custom wallpaper for any room you choose. Our wet strength, nylon-reinforced wall mural material allows us to create custom wall murals for a bold and dramatic look that stands the test of time. And priced at just $4 per square foot, with easy shipping as well, Your Custom Poster’s prices are some of the most competitive you’ll find.

For large color printing projects such as wall murals, you want to choose a company that will get it right the first time, so don’t take a chance on sub-par skills and materials from second-rate printers. Choose Your Custom Poster for your wall mural printing project, and you’ll spend less money and time getting the beautiful, creative, and high-quality decorating look you’ve always wanted.

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