Table Tent Printing

Table Tent Printing

How to Use Table Tent Advertising to Improve Your Business

Nobody said advertising has to be boring, but if you’re using the same cut-and-dry methods to advertise your business with nothing new to show for it, consider switching things up and giving the table tent a try. In most industries, this isn’t the first option a business owner turns to as an advertising solution, but you may be surprised at just how effective table tent cards can be. In fact, for many businesses, a strategically placed table tent is also the pivotal POP (point of purchase). Think your business can’t make use of this outside-the-box advertising tool? Think again, and read on to learn how merchants from all types of industries can use a table tent to boost the bottom line.


Restaurant Table Tent

Perhaps the most prevalent appearance of table tents is in the restaurant industry. With restaurants, marketers are offered the unique (and desirable) opportunity to target customers who are seated and attentive, and who are ready and willing to spend their money (in this case, on whatever food or beverages the restaurant is offering. A table tent is a natural advertising tool to select in this situation. And, since many restaurant owners find themselves struggling to decide what to put on their table tents once their customers have walked through the doors, the following is a list of a few simple and effective restaurant table tent suggestions.

Promote your food and drink menus. Table tent cards are the perfect way to bring customers’ attention to your menu, whether to appetizers, drinks, specials, or all of the above.


List your happy hour specials. When your customers arrive at your establishment, you want to keep them there and keep them happily spending. By listing your happy hour and other specials on a table tent in your patrons’ line of vision, you can expose them to popular items or specials that are more likely to keep them coming back.

Talk about dessert. The “out of sight, out of mind” phrase often applies well to dessert. Restaurant-goers are much more likely to order dessert when they’ve been continually glancing at it throughout their main meal, and a restaurant table tent that prominently displays your most savory dessert items is an excellent place to start.

Promote Events with Table Tent Cards

Another great way to make use of table tent advertising is by promoting events. Businesses that regularly host or sponsor events such as charity functions, specials, game nights, speaking events, shows, and more can use table tent cards to attract attention and attendees. Traditional advertising media are a great start, but table tents are a creative way to make your event’s advertising stand out and get your audience excited.

Table Tent Advertising

You can take general advertising to a new level by adding a table tent card to your list of marketing tools. A table tent printing service should allow you some options in regards to the tent sizing, allowing you to customize your table tent to your design needs. Your business may then “rent” space to display your ad tents, such as a food court, hotel, and other high-traffic business locations.

Table Tent Printing

With any kind of advertising, using a printing company who knows what they’re doing is key. Saving money is always important, but so are quality and customer service, and the best printers will give you many options to customize your table tent printing job based on your sizing and quantity needs. Smaller businesses should choose a printer that will allow them to place smaller orders, rather than requiring a fairly large minimum quantity requirement. Few printers are willing to print only a single restaurant table tent, for example, but some small businesses simply do not require such sizable orders. Professional printing companies like My Color Copies offer a wide range of printing options at competitive prices, and they’re willing to work with you on smaller table tent printing quantities.


Use Table Tent Advertising: It’s Good for Your Business

From a customer’s perspective, table tents are usually seen as a more fun and creative form of advertising. From a business owner’s perspective, though, table tents can (and should) be seen for what they are: a good way to advertise your business. You may have previously thought that this advertising tool doesn’t really apply to you, but whatever industry you’re coming from, you should consider breaking from routine and adding a table tent to your marketing arsenal. If you can come up with a design that works with your customers in mind, and when you utilize a printing company that can provide the professional, high quality table tent printing services you need, you’ll be surprised at just how effectively the simple table tent can work to improve your business.

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